About Off Axis

Bands getting bands noticed

Off Axis is a new touring network that enables brilliant artists to play successful shows, to guaranteed audiences all across the UK, even in places they’ve never visited before.

The system works by connecting artists and allowing them to host one another at gigs in their respective hometowns - solving the problem of finding meaningful and well attended shows in other towns and cities.

We believe that Off Axis can offer unprecedented opportunities for artists and fans alike, and can help to build a stronger and more vibrant independent live music sector across the country.

For Artists:

  • It will enable you to play to new audiences, in places you’ve never visited before
  • It will allow you to build a national fanbase in a way never before possible
  • It will open up opportunities in towns and cities that previously you may never have considered
  • It will allow you to host brilliant artists in your hometown, which in turn can help you to bolster your local fanbase
  • Off Axis uses a credit system to ensure hard working artists get out as much as they put in
  • To be part of the Off Axis network you must be able to produce hometown shows with a minimum of 70 people in the audience, and be able to offer support slots to artists from other towns and cities at those shows.

For Fans:

  • It means that you not only get to see your favorite local music, you get to discover stunning artists from across the country on the same line up.
  • Keep a look out for ‘Off Axis’ shows in your area.

Off Axis is supported by The Technology Strategy Board, PRS Foundation and Joining The Dots

To find out more about how you can be part of the Off Axis network contact: join@offaxisnetwork.com